Tips & Tricks: Welcome Series Playbook Pros and Cons

In our opinion, using Marketing Cloud’s Welcome Campaign should be a no-brainer. Why? For one, the Welcome Series, one option in Marketing Cloud's Playbook, is available in all accounts. More importantly, research shows that welcome emails have some of the highest open rates of any email campaigns, and proper onboarding of your subscribers can positively impact their experience moving forward. Is the Welcome Series right for your cause or company? Here's a quick overview to help you decide. Marketing Cloud’s Welcome Series consists of any three emails created in your account (set these up first!), to be sent at intervals that you determine. (Psst. If you aren’t sure where to start, Marketing Cloud provides suggested intervals.) Emails can be sent to either a list or data extension -- populated by import, smart capture form, API, etc. When creating the playbook, Marketing Cloud walks you through each step in a set-up wizard, and the entire process can be done within a few minutes. It's very simple, but there are some limitations.  

Welcome Series Playbook Pros & Cons

Easy and quick to set up Must have 3 emails (not 2, not 4)*
Automation Studio not required Can only send to one list/data extension
Can set up multiple playbooks to run simultaneously Not compatible with integration to Sales Cloud
All tracking information is available
Can add to a campaign
*According to some experts, three emails is best practice for a welcome series. If this fits your needs, it is definitely a pro; however, we mention it as a con since you must have exactly three.

Overall, the Welcome Series playbook is a great option if you are new to automations and want to get started with something that's easy to configure. If your welcome campaign was already planned around three emails, then you shouldn't have to make many adjustments to fit into the playbook requirements. The playbook adds no additional fees to your account and should not require a large investment of time, so if you're unsure, create a test one with no risks!