Balancers at work

Value your culture

Our culture is rooted in our values. Here, culture means authentic communication, open-minded collaboration, passionate character and forward-thinking creativity - with a little bit (or sometimes a lot) of fun thrown in. We work hard and play hard, and we celebrate people of all backgrounds, skill sets and personalities.

Find your balance

At Balance, our name doesn’t just speak to finding the right marketing mix. We truly believe in the importance of each individual finding their own balance - between work, family, pets, passions and anything else that makes us tick. We are excited to wake up and come to work through the week, and we’re equally excited - and respectful - about the non-work aspects of life.

Make your mark

Though small in number, we’re mighty in impact. Each team member makes a difference every single day, for our clients, each other and the community. At Balance Digital Marketing, it’s up to you to leave your mark.

Our benefits

Balance offers a number of benefits. Our goal is to offer a benefit program that works for you, no matter what your life requires. We strive to extend offerings that ensure our employees are happy, balanced and love their jobs.

Traditional Benefits

  • Health Insurance with Health Savings Account - Balance offers health insurance along with an Employer Match Contribution to your Health Savings Account.
  • Roth 401(k) Plan with Employer Match - Balance will match 100% of the first 4% of your salary contributed to your 401k Retirement Account.

Non-Traditional Benefits

  • Flexible work schedule - You need to pick your child up from school? Is there a 4:30 p.m. yoga class that you love that you need to leave work a bit early to attend? We empower our team to do their best work in a sustainable way that allows for flexibility when needed.
  • Unlimited PTO - We hire people who know how to get their work done. There is never a shortage of work to do, and we trust that you will get it done without being micro-managed.
  • Company Performance Bonuses - This could be an option for your role. Your performance will be recognized and rewarded.

Life at Balance

At Balance, we deliver our best work to clients, and leave space for laughter and connection. Our office is located in downtown Indianapolis, making it easy for team outings, birthday lunches, and walking meetings. We are also regularly involved with community organizations and doing our part to share our experiences with the next generation of Balancers and community leaders.