Tip of the Week: Managing Your Default Header and Footer

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An email's header and footer are key pieces to the message. By default, the header may provide the subscriber a link to the Web Version of your email message. The footer typically contains the required fields such as the business name, physical address, profile center link and Salesforce's logo and a few other optional links.

Historically, managing your own header and footer required the use of Delivery Profiles and sending through a "user-initiated email" or the Guided Send wizard. To change the default header or footer, a request had to be sent to Support for it to be done on the backend.

Since the June 2015 Marketing Cloud release, users who have access to edit Account Settings can define the default headers and footers for the account.

In the Email app, go to Admin > Account Settings. Click Edit. Scroll all the way down to the Headers and Footers area of the page. You will be able to edit the HTML and Text versions of each.

For each option, you can choose between System Default, Custom and None.

System Default and None are straightforward.  For Custom, you have more to do!

The Custom box will let you paste in HTML. You can click the Insert Recommended Header (or Footer) button for some starter code if needed. There is no WYSIWYG editor here, so if you can't work with HTML, you'll need to create your header/footer elsewhere and copy the code over.  Also, unlike when creating a delivery profile, you cannot choose an item from the Library / My Contents to use as the footer. 

Remember that you still need to fulfill CAN-SPAM requirements, so if you choose to use a custom footer (or no footer), make sure your fields are included somewhere.

Updating the default header and footer code is now very accessible!

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