Tip of the Week: Organizing Your Email Application Data Management Files

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Organization breeds efficiency.  Keeping data organized in today’s information-driven world is key to running your digital marketing efforts efficiently.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud January 2015 release contained a great FTP update at the very end that will help you keep organized.  Previously, when creating a new Data Management file location, choosing a specific folder location in the FTP site was not possible. However, there was a change made to “File Location Type” in the release where you are now able to create and specify the relative folder path with the ExactTarget FTP site. Organization wins!

To do so, after you name your new File Location, click the “Location Type” dropdown menu and select “Relative location under ExactTarget FTP Site.” Next, simply name your folder path. The format needs to be as follows: folder name\folder name\... **With no leading \ designator.

Here are some helpful photos from the release notes to walk you through the process:

Improved organization of your data will lead to greater efficiency.  This is a small yet important update. Can you share any organization tricks you use in Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Leave one in the comments or Tweet us @BalanceDigital.

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