Higher education
is transforming.
Will you keep up?

Higher education is in a state of transformation – driving a need for universities and colleges to evolve into technologically savvy organizations that leverage dynamic email, social, mobile and cloud technologies to drive mission, purpose, goals and solutions.

How do you efficiently reach and convert prospects into enrolled students? How do you engage students during their time at college? How do you turn engaged students into engaged alumni – and supportive donors? How do you automate such processes to make sure you’re maximizing your time and efforts?

To be effective and competitive, you have to make intentional, timely and meaningful connections from recruitment through advancement. To do so, you have to reach constituents where they are.

Balance Digital Marketing leverages the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, making it easy to build and grow meaningful relationships that last from enrollment to endowment and beyond.


To recruit the right students, you need to understand what they’re looking for in a college or university experience. With Balance’s expertise, you can reach the right prospects in the right places and connect them with opportunities to boost enrollment.


No two students are alike, making mass communication ineffective. We can help you create a personalized experience for every student that aligns with their individual goals and needs to ensure their success.


When effectively engaged, students, alumni, parents and faculty make up a community of advocates for your brand. With Balance Digital Marketing, you’re able to create a collaborative culture on-campus and off, transforming this community into involved constituents and donors.


Donor cultivation and growth takes continuous, individualized effort. Our team helps you leverage technology to acquire new donors, upgrade existing donors, nurture and cultivate alumni relationships, personalize stewardship efforts, manage events and more to increase your capacity for fundraising.



Connecting your Salesforce CRM data to Marketing Cloud for seamless constituent communication.


Maximizing your Marketing Cloud investment through quick, cost-effective account setup that drives results.


Increasing your digital strength through training and consulting, from basic email marketing to automation and beyond.


Implementing automation and Journey Builder, Mobile Connect/SMS and Social Studio for increased productivity and one-to-one constituent engagement.