You don't need fans or followers. You need lifelong donors.

Everywhere you look, there’s a nonprofit vying for the public attention. So how do you rise above the noise?

How do you find people who are truly interested in your cause and the good work you’re doing? How do you efficiently reach those people and inspire them to take action? How do you turn interested people into engaged, active donors or constituents? And how do you automate such processes to make sure you’re making the most of your time and money?

To stand out, you have to make intentional connections across all channels and reach constituents where they are.

Balance Digital Marketing can help you leverage the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to build and grow meaningful relationships that turn interested people into lifelong donors.


As a nonprofit, it can be easy to think you just need donors and dollars from anywhere. But the impulse donor at the grocery checkout is not the same as the regular monthly donor. Whereas the former acted out of spur-of-the-moment empathy, the regular donor continuously makes a conscious decision to support your cause – likely because it aligns with their personal interests and passions. With Balance’s expertise, you can reach the right prospects in the right places and connect them with your development staff to begin nurturing lasting relationships.


From communication preferences to regular actions taken, no two prospects or donors are alike. From a marketing standpoint, that means unsegmented mass communication is typically ineffective. With tools like JourneyBuilder, we can help you create a personalized experience for every donor that aligns with their individual needs and preferences to help nurture prospects into donors, regular donors into major donors, and so on.


Like a marketing strategy, donor cultivation and nurturing isn’t a one-and-done effort: It takes ongoing, individualized work. Through services like Impact 365 and Marketing Cloud Automation, we can help you leverage the best technology to find continuously attract new donors, nurture relationships, personalize stewardship efforts, manage events and more to increase your capacity for fundraising.

“We joke internally that Balance is our ‘prize vendor’ of all the partners we work with, but it’s the truth. Balance Digital Marketing has been an integral part of strategy and implementation for our new marketing efforts, from integration and training to helping us truly understand the potential of our business. The team is self-directed, communicative and proactive, and it’s clear they’re experts in all things Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.”

Harriet Resnick, Vice President Visitor Experience and Business Development, Chicago Botanic Garden



Connecting your Salesforce CRM data to Marketing Cloud for seamless constituent communication.


Maximizing your Marketing Cloud investment through quick, cost-effective account setup that drives results.


Increasing your digital strength through training and consulting, from basic email marketing to automation and beyond.


Implementing automation and Journey Builder, Mobile Connect/SMS and Social Studio for increased productivity and one-to-one constituent engagement.