Email Marketing Consulting and Marketing Cloud Account Audit

Are your digital marketing activities contributing enough to drive business results?

Are your digital marketing activities contributing enough to drive business results? Are you using the right combination of tools to reach your audience? Is your message integrated across channels?

Balance consulting services will help you plan and set metrics for an effective digital marketing campaign strategy based on our extensive knowledge of best practices, a thorough evaluation of your current programs and a full understanding of your desired business results.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) Account Audit conducted by Balance is designed to show you how to get more value from your existing Marketing Cloud account in a short amount of time and with a reasonable amount of effort.

Our methodology begins with gaining a full understanding of your business goals through interviews with marketing leadership and executive stakeholders for the purpose of understanding the organization’s goals, objectives and current state. Through the use of various tools, we will seek to understand how your organization defines success, how success is measured, how it is performing today and what marketing efforts are being used to achieve the goal.

The process continues with a functional audit that uses the knowledge gained in the first step to identify unused standard features, free optional features and low cost features that line up with the organization’s business drivers. Based on steps one and two, we will deliver a Roadmap—recommendations for specific changes to your Marketing Cloud account as well as any process or personnel changes that would have a positive impact on your digital marketing program. The Roadmap will be presented in an executive review session with demonstrations of recommended when possible.

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