Don't just set goals. Reach them.

Successful marketing isn’t accomplished through a one-size-fits-all strategy, or a “set it and forget” mindset. The most effective marketing is achieved when you have a clear, deep understanding of the ever-changing needs and goals of your company and your audiences - and when you continuously re-evaluate those needs and goals on an ongoing basis.

At Balance Digital Marketing, we view consulting differently than most companies. We don’t believe in templates or “fill in the blank” plans. Instead, we do all we can to fully understand your institution or organization almost as well as you do - and then we work with you to formulate an action plan to keep you moving forward all year long. And that’s what Impact 365 is all about.


Living up to its name, Impact 365 helps you move closer to your goals every day. Whether you’re new to Salesforce Marketing Cloud or a seasoned vet, this robust platform can be overwhelming - and a little difficult to know if you’re leveraging the tools that will help you meet your goals. Once we understand your organization’s past efforts, audiences, goals and needs, we help you identify the right messages for the right Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools to reach the right audiences so you’re always moving forward.

Why else should you consider Impact 365? Putting together a marketing strategy is the easy part - but it’s the implementation and ongoing accountability that gets difficult over time. Your organization’s needs and goals are always evolving, and your marketing strategy should be, too. Our Impact 365 team helps you stay ahead of the curve all year long.

Impact 365

Impact 365 is the program for you if you want one-on-one Salesforce Marketing Cloud support that will help you stay ahead of your evolving marketing needs.



Understand your goals today and where you want to go.



Meet on-site to determine 90-day goals.



Ensure goals are moving forward through regular calls with your Balance support member.



Evaluate progress at the end of 90 days and repeat process.