Marketing Automation

Don't just talk to prospects. Build relationships.

You know that phrase, “work smarter, not harder?” At its most basic level, marketing automation is the process of, as the name implies, automating the execution of marketing tactics as a way to reach more people in a more consistent, efficient manner.

But successful marketing automation goes much further than presetting task deployment: It helps you build meaningful, nurtured relationships that move audiences through the sales funnel, turning prospects into loyal customers, engaged donors, active constituents and more.

Why Marketing Cloud Automation?

It isn’t enough just to email a person or share content on social media. Thanks to ever-growing advances in technology, every cause, company and institution is vying for someone’s attention. To get your point across, you need to create and grow individual relationships with prospects, customers and constituents at all levels, and you have to speak to each of them consistently and in a personalized way. To do so effectively and efficiently, you need marketing automation.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Automation Studio and JourneyBuilder, you can implement basic to advanced automated campaigns that send the right messages through the right channels at the right times to the right audiences. In other words, you can create and execute a marketing strategy that actually works.

How Automation Studio Works

For basic automation through Automation Studio, our marketing consultants can help you leverage Marketing Cloud to execute everything from drip campaigns to user-trigger email marketing. We can help you on a surface level by building one-time custom HTML email templates, or we can dive deeper with you through training and consulting to ensure your strategy will help you meet your goals.


With our Journey Builder support, your team can create highly personalized, behavioral-based digital campaigns that target and nurture prospects one-to-one. Whether your goal is to drive sales, grow enrollment or increase donations, our Journey Builder implementation team can help you execute a strategy that leverages the best technology to turn prospects into customers, donors and constituents.